Web Design Skills Every Web Designer Must Have

An appealing web design enhances the overall performance of the website. A good web designer is a mix of a creative mind and technological know-how. But take it from me, the hiring managers of reputed web design companies, put a lot of stress on ...

Published on: Sep 08, 2020

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5 Key Reasons Why Websites Fail

In our last blog, we discussed how hiring a reputed web development service can help you get a website with a high conversion r...

Published on: Aug 19, 2020

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Adding joomla to godaddy sub folder

Joomla in IIS Sub-folder web.config rewrite  (godaddy.com Servers)   I have spent the worst 48 hours of my life trying to make a simple solution work with a client...

Published on: Dec 23, 2013

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Cyford Website Designs

Cyford Website Designs    ...

Published on: Oct 02, 2013

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WebKit Has Implemented srcset, And It’s A Good Thing

WebKit has made some serious news by finally implementing the srcset attribute. As Chai...

Published on: Aug 21, 2013

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