Bash Panel

Linux has increasingly Grown over the years Due to its Performance, Pricing, Scalability, Efficiency , Security, Portability, wow it just goes on. However the only thing keeping Linux from reaching Number 1 in the server world is its 'ease of use' well this has now changed. Bash Panel Makes controlling your Linux Server Even Easier than Windows. Bash Panel Includes no other programming, no hidden code, just a Series of already Developed commands Formulated to make your life easier.

Bash Panel is compatible with all flavours of Linux, It is Interactive , Simple yet Extremely Powerful. It is hard to describe what Bash Panel can do , because it is capable of doing simply everything, no mater what system you own you can remotely send commands through options. 1 button will optimize your services for CPU / IO Priority.. 1 button can tell you your system Performance. It can also resize your hard drives easy. No more fiddling on google trying to find answers on or about your Linux system. This program puts your answers directly in front of you. And we Put it in the program.. And the Best Thing it is Absolutely Free

Core Services

  • Easy User friendly Control Panel interface
  • 1 Interface can connect and optimize your whole network
  • Create Partitions and Resize LVM groups with a few clicks ( Great for Increasing VM HD)
  • Text Browsing - You can search the web on any command line server
  • Off-site and Local Backup Solutions
  • IRC Channels - get free support right from your server
  • Paid Support - We have an options that allows you to email us, call us , and/or enables us to remote Support your Server ( Our Manage Services Customers have been using it)
  • System Benchmarking
  • 2 buttons restart any Linux server with check Disk
  • Installs The hardest software with ease local / remote 1 button ( If your software is not listed we can add it)
  • Automatic updates with Free Memberships

Upcoming Features

  • We are always adding more Software to Provisioning
  • We will be making control panels for basic functions for these popular ( making changes to 3rd party Programs)
  • Adding automated web submission and web task (like auto posting ads on Craigslist everyday at 8 pm)
  • Networking - Changing IP and DNS information
  • Networking Advance - Scanning network - Importing Servers


Connect to new servers with 1 button while staying in the script. Yes command and options are now working in the new server

Control Panel

Install Software on any system with 1 simple touch

Browse your files with ease