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      Cyford Technologies LLC is a leader among IT Service Companies, we specialize in a mired of managed services and Technical support. Our focus is on small to medium sized business in Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. We have one of the quickest response times in the industry; we also provide exceptional services because we utilize the latest tools and technologies. Best Practices is the name of our game at Cyford Technologies, our dedicated engineers never take short cuts which better serves our customers by reducing network issues or downtimes. Qualified engineers manage and supply technical support for each of our customs networks nationwide. If your company or department is seeking award winning IT support or related services then give Cyford Technologies LLC a call today!

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Cyford Technologies LLC. , Based in Kennesaw, Georgia provides outsourced IT services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the metro Atlanta area.


Finally A One stop Solution to all you're technical needs.  Here We Specialize in Pretty much everything you can throw our way.  Our Website Designers are top in there class , Our Engineers have tacked Some of MS Exchange and Active Directory's Most Difficult issues  And Linux/Unix...   Lets just say that is we ourselves are running 95% In Linux.






Services We Offer:




  • Windows 2000- 2010, Windows XP - Windows 8
  • Active Directory
  • MS Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • MS SQL
  • IIS


  • Centos, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Samba, DNS, DHCP, Clustering
  • Bacula
  • MySQL, Apache, PHP,
  • Haproxy
  • Bacula
  • Nagios
  • Untangle
  • Squid
  • OpenVPN
  • OpenFile 

Website Design

  • PHP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion,
  • Joomla
  • Word Press
  • DotNetNuke
  • Shopping Carts
  • Mobile Applications
  • SEO, Social Media, Advertisin 


  • Sip Trunks
  • PBX Hosting
  • Fax 2 Email
  • Asterisk Consultants
  • Open Sips
  • A2Billing Developer







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