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      Cyford Technologies LLC is a leader among IT Service Companies, we specialize in a mired of managed services and Technical support. Our focus is on small to medium sized business in Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. We have one of the quickest response times in the industry; we also provide exceptional services because we utilize the latest tools and technologies. Best Practices is the name of our game at Cyford Technologies, our dedicated engineers never take short cuts which better serves our customers by reducing network issues or downtimes. Qualified engineers manage and supply technical support for each of our customs networks nationwide. If your company or department is seeking award winning IT support or related services then give Cyford Technologies LLC a call today!

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June 03, 2014
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The SUSD truck the susd truck is designed to promote health of the driver.

We all no the conditions the driver has to work in are not so satisfying long hours spent each day sitting behind that wheel. Studies done by various institutes like Harvard Yale the world health organization Mayo clinic and University of California San Diego just to name a few have all done studies on the effects of sitting to much an the results are not good everything from type 2 diabetes blood-clots colon cancer sleep apnea stroke and heart attach. They all lead to death and  studies show that by sitting for long periods of time can knock 10 to 16 years of your life.

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