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      Cyford Technologies LLC is a leader among IT Service Companies, we specialize in a mired of managed services and Technical support. Our focus is on small to medium sized business in Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. We have one of the quickest response times in the industry; we also provide exceptional services because we utilize the latest tools and technologies. Best Practices is the name of our game at Cyford Technologies, our dedicated engineers never take short cuts which better serves our customers by reducing network issues or downtimes. Qualified engineers manage and supply technical support for each of our customs networks nationwide. If your company or department is seeking award winning IT support or related services then give Cyford Technologies LLC a call today!

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Managed Services


An industry leading IT services company specialized in IT managed services and Tech support  for small and medium sized businesses.



Optimize your business communications with business-class voice, fax, and text. Seamlessly integrate with other cloud solutions.

Website Design


We have been building websites for 15 years and have been ranked #1 in Atlanta's Mobile Designers for mobile Apps.

Remote Support

it support services

Cyford Technologies LLC is your number one source of Computer and Network repair services in Metro Atlanta.

$ 34.99 BMP Unlimited

Sign-up: $ 0.99

$ 0 Bash Panel - Lite

Bash Panel - Lite  Contains all the necessary functions to control your Day to day Linux operations locally and remotely. 

$ 9.99 Bash Panel - Basic

Bash Panel - Basic | Does everything that Lite can do plus adds the abilities to install  premium Server Software no matter what Flavour of Linux you are using.

$ 49.99 VM Support - Linux

Sign-up: $ 19.99

Server Support - Linux

Unlimited support and  monitoring

Plus this package  offers 10 points a month which can add up and be used for new projects.

$ 204.99 Business Office Starters

Sign-up: $ 45

Business Starters  Includes 5 workstations and  1 server Unlimited support and  monitoring Plus this package  offers 60 points a month which can add up and be used for new projects.

$ 350 Business Office +Web Design

Sign-up: $ 25

Business Starters  Includes 3 workstations and  1 serverUnlimited support and  monitoringPlus this package  offers 1700 points a month which can add up and be used for new projects.This plan is perfect for  Website Development. 

$ 9.99 24/7 Personal PC Protection

$ 200 220 Points

$ 150 135 Points

$ 100 85 Points

$ 50 35 Points