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Internet users must know about the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter. It grew rapidly over these past few years and has sponsored thousands of amazing products. Designers who appreciate the craft will really get a kick out of many items on Kickstarter.

For this post I’ve catalogued 10 recent found in Kickstarter with a beautiful presentation. Most have completed funding and you can locate many sites online to buy Kickstarter products if you like anything you see.


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As somebody who frequently writes in notebooks wishing I had a white board, this idea knocked my socks clean off my feet. The Wipebook saves all your written notes when flipping between pages. But it is also really easy to wipe away your content without any leftover marks on the page.

The product comes with 25 sheets each with 2 sides for a total of 50 pages. It uses the typically-sized 11×8.5 inches along with a marker and eraser cap. You might check out their personal site for more details.

Concealable Entertainment Flask

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Although the practical use of this item is fairly low, it’s still a fun design. You can easily hide your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice in a crafty NES cartridge. You simply pop off the top piece and drink to your heart’s content. If you sneak off into the corner it might be an easier solution than carrying a regular drink flask.

Toasty Handwarmers

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Line up your jokes ‘cause this may be the coolest invention since sliced bread. Are you hands freezing in the winter? Don’t you wish there was some article of clothing to keep them warm around the house? These toast-fashioned hand warmers are bluetooth enabled to work as you move.

Freedom is a key part of how they work. You still have access to use all your fingers. Plus no wires getting in the way! Simply charge the battery for 15-30 minutes and you’re good for a couple hours of continuous warmth. These toasty slices also come with heat settings for low, medium, and high.

Wrap Wallet

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This unique wrap wallet is meant to cradle your paper bills in a systematic format. Instead of forcing them to bend or contort in your pocket, this elegantly wraps them up into a small rectangle which could fit almost anywhere.

It has enough space for 10 cards and a smaller ID display. It certainly isn’t your typical wallet design style. An interesting concept about Wrap Wallet is the reliable handling of paper bills and plastic cards together without much conflict.

Nava Filtering Water Bottle

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This video totally blew me away watching these guys prototype and perfect their idea. Filtering your own water in a single bottle proves that we have come a long way. Although you do need a readily-available water source, this product can save you lots of time and worry on-the-go.

It was released by KOR Water along with their line of similar water vessels. You can learn a whole lot more about Nava from their website. And if you have certain questions the team is open for inquiries.

BeSteady One


The art of directing is overlooked by many in the film industry. Even a professional may struggle to figure out the perfect camera angle for any given shot. This interesting product allows cameramen to fix the recorder into place without shakiness or hasty movements. Stability has never been so easy.

Take a look at their Kickstarter video to get a better understanding of how it works. Obviously this is only useful to a very targeted market. But any design lover can truly appreciate the amount of work put into this Kickstarter. Take a look at the BeSteady website including tech specs, prices, and dealers for purchase.

Bongo: Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker


The wireless realm of Bluetooth has become very normal within our high-tech society. The Bongo is a beautiful representation of this wireless technology in action. The design itself is even customizable with different shades of bamboo, or even various patterns in the speakers. It also comes with an auxiliary connector for your typical iPhone or iPod Touch.

KeyStache – Magnetic Key Storage


Although I honestly have no idea how this works – it does look pretty sweet. The product is made out of walnut and polished to create an exterior capable of withstanding heavy hurling objects. Keys, watches, lighters, apparently this can hold it all. And the creators offer custom-made designs based on your own preference.

Smart Bedding


Right away the video for this product had me astonished. The marketing approach drives you into a state of wild curiosity attempting to figure out their plan. I don’t think I could use something like this in my bed… I suppose I prefer the chaos. But this is one fascinating idea that I know people would love trying for themselves.

The team launched a Smart Bedding website that you can check out for more information. It has a copy of the demo video along with a very simple purchasing system. You construct the exact bedding you need and they custom build to order.

Vertical Coin Bank


You know people who keep their loose change in big plastic jugs? Well this is kinda like that, except it’s prettier on the eyes. The Vertical Coin Bank is produced by Revol Design and shows a true innovation with crafty home decor. If you love saving up coins and might have the spare room for this neat contraption, then take a peek at their wonderful presentation video.

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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