5 Website Development Tips To Boost Your Business Growth Exponentially

In our last blog, we discussed how hiring a reputed web development service can help you get a website with a high conversion rate and ROI. We also discussed how some websites do not accrue the growth and traffic generation that is expected from it. 

In continuation of our last blog, today I’ll be discussing why certain websites fail to get the targeted traffic and the right leads. Alongside this, I’ll also provide solutions that a web development company could offer to lessen problems that make the website redundant. If you have a website that is not bringing in business as you expected, I’ll suggest you read the blog till the end and find a solution for it.

Reasons : Why Websites Fail

If the Website is not SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is not just a technical word but a technique that every digital marketer needs to master. Google is the first place where your product or service gets enlisted. The search engine marketing statistics of 2020 released by Smart insights reflect that 80% of people search for goods and services online. 

Unfortunately, when people think to boost SEO for websites all they do is insert relevant keywords periodically in the content. But, with the growing competition in the market, you must have a concrete SEO, SEM, and SMO plan ready. 

SEO strategists can work on the Meta text and website URL to incorporate keywords either the short tail or long tail, as per the strategy to increase the website’s ranking in Google. A well-known web development agency that can offer you content management service can also offer you services of SEO strategy. 

Not Accessible through all Devices 

More and more people now a days connect the internet on their mobile. In 2016 the number of internet users over mobile surpassed the group who still connect through desktop. With the growing demand for apps and easy connectivity that the mobile provides, most businesses have been making themselves available on different devices.

Even if you do not wish to provide the product and services through a mobile app, yet websites must be optimized for different devices to offer a better resolution and dimension when browsed via laptop, tab, or mobile. 

Hiring a web development company which offers full-stack developers and has experience of working with different framework and languages can easily solve this issue. You can also remodel your old website and optimize it for different devices, or you can offer mobile apps as a substitute for a website. It will allow customers to access your business on the go.

Did not integrate Social Media

If you are serious about your digital presence than social media is one place that you cannot ignore. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram social networking sites can bring you traffic that is filtered and highly targeted. Blogs can help you generate awareness and these days people are using platforms like Quora, Medium, and Reddit to share their content and pull traffic to their website. 

Social media is also a great place to pull organic traffic other than paid traffic on Facebook, Youtube, or other platforms. They allow you to influence your audience with value-based information dispersal and engage customers to form a loyal bond with them.

A web developing agency having experience in e-commerce solutions and digital marketing can easily help you mitigate this problem. The social media icons can be integrated into all the digital communication that takes place with the client. Similarly, Email campaigns can carry blog links. These are a few simple tricks, but your digital marketing expert can carry out a well-researched digital marketing strategy which includes email campaigns, social media content calendar, event plan, ad strategies, and much more!

Unstructured Presentation

It is no more a secret that aesthetically appealing website can bring more traffic than those sites which lack structure. The website may look unstructured due to a lot of reasons. The use of inconsistent color and font scheme, broken links or pages, difficult navigation, absence of clear call to action and cluttered structure of data can be a few of the reasons.

These problems are also part and parcel of the web designing segment. The web designers who have enough experience of working with different themes, who have designed attractive websites in the past that portrays the goal of the business with extreme clarity should be hired for rectifying the errors that may be present in the website. 

It is always suggested that while hiring an IT service or web design service, their customer review and past project samples are thoroughly checked. Also, an agency having experienced web designers and graphic designers who have a good grasp of photo editing tools along with different frameworks and languages are highly recommended for getting the best web designing services. 

The Loading Time of the Website

An ideal website loading time ranges from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. As per the Dotcom-Monitor, a cloud-based internet monitoring platform, 45% of people expect the desktop sites to load within 2 seconds. Anything longer than this may take the visitors away from your page. The long loading duration of the websites is seen as one of the major causes of their failure. Websites face this issue when they either carry non-compressed files, or they are hosted on a slow server or are not optimized for different devices. Videos and Images should also be optimized for the website before being updated on the site. 

There are numerous online platforms where you can run a web speed test. However, most web development companies wrap up the project only after performing the speed test of the website. Website developing agencies host it on a server that can load a website with lightning speed. 

While onboarding the owner of the website it is the responsibility of the agency to offer enough guidelines to the user regarding the admin panel and how the data needs to be compressed before uploading it in the database. An experienced web development agency will consider issues such as browser cache configuration and others, before handing over the site to the owner.


If you think your website is experiencing any of the above-given issues, you can log into www.cyfordtechnologies.com and get a quick fix to your problems from our experienced team of web developers and web designers at a very affordable rate. 

I hope this article was useful. If you wish to read more on how to make your website engaging, web development, or how you can get a website with a high conversion rate keep following our blog!   

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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