5 Website Development Tips To Boost Your Business Growth Exponentially

Most organizations today understand the power of social media. Studies show that internet users have increased the consumption of products and services through e-commerce websites. This has dotted the world wide web with innumerable websites, each promising quality services to the users.

To allure customers, web development services are continuously developing ways to make the website more stimulating. Millions of websites get launched each year. In this rat race, it is hard to carve a niche and become a successful online venture without setting oneself apart. No two products can be the same. Similarly, no two websites can be the same either in their treatment and presentation. Websites need to be unique and engaging or else they fail to generate revenue. Again, the question is what makes them impactful?

In this article, we will try to explain what you should do to make your business website more impactful. While hiring a web development service, ensure that they are competent enough to render the seven key points and tips that we are going to discuss below. Let’s take a look at these points one by one. 

7 must-follow tips to make the website more impactful 

1) Weigh your requirement & strategize the work

  • Websites are marketing tools that can offer your business a high growth. Before, you look to hire web development services it is highly recommended that you chalk out your requirements.
  • Layout the goal of the website before you begin. Will it be your work portfolio, an e-commerce site, or a platform where customers will learn more about your product and services. Once you set your goals the design and content strategy will follow. 
  • Creating a strategy for building your website, will allow web developers to offer unique treatment to it.
  • It will also help you to communicate with the developers better.
  • The strategy must reflect the needs of your niche market, the target audiences, and the brand value that the website will offer.
  • Next, you can go on and decide upon the look, the theme, the message that you wish to convey, and how you want the traffic to navigate through your site.
  • This pre-planning will be the foundation of your web development journey. 

2) Pick the right hosting service

  • Once you strategize your web development task, it becomes easier to decide which website hosting service you may need.
  • Some hosting services over 99% uptime, while others provide huge storage space. There are few which support specific certain content management systems, offer cloud hosting, and even site-building tools.
  • Selecting the right package after careful consideration is important so that your hosting server does not crash or fail after you launch the website.
  • It is also important for your website to load properly. Unresponsive servers are a major reason for traffic decline. 

3) Ensure website security

  • Domains encrypt sensitive information regarding the customers. Putting such information at risk may altogether persuade your customers to never venture on your site. You cannot afford to allow hackers to have easy access to your client’s name, mobile number, email id, or bank details.
  • A renowned web development company enhances your website’s security by integrating various authentication steps and offering an extra level of security while launching your website. 
  • You can also ensure the security of your domain by using anti-virus and keeping your contact information updated to detect threats.
  • Host your website with a dedicated IP address and buy an SSL certificate.
  • Converting your website to HTTPS which is far more secure than HTTP is highly recommended. 

4) Have a Prominent ‘Call-to-action’

  • When you strategize the goal of your website, you need to think about what ‘call-to-action’ would follow.
  • Websites are used to either convert traffic into leads or get dedicated followers who can bring you more customers. A website that does not offer clear CTA usually has a higher bounce rate.
  • The visitors will not know the purpose of visiting the website unless they are told what action they need to take next. Your website must contain a clear and precise ‘call-to-action’ which will trigger the traffic to perform the subsequent action.
  • The placement of ‘call-to-action’ is a very important factor that must be considered properly. The content, font, color, and design of a ‘call-to-action’ should also be decided carefully to make it appealing. 

5) Impressive home page and About us section

  • The first page where your visitors will land should be impressive enough to grasp their attention.
  • An attractive home page offers value to the customers and compels them to check the other pages on the site. 
  • A good SEO strategy can help your website make it to the top of Search Engine lists and bring users to your page. But only engaging content can help you retain customers.
  • If the home page is not informative enough or fails to convey the solution your customers are looking for then they will leave your site. 
  • Things that your home page should convey are the problems that your buyers are facing and the effective solution that you offer. If they are convinced with your solution the next page, they would visit is the “About Us” page.
  • If the traffic browses the “About Us” section, it means that they are interested in knowing more about your product or services. This is the portion of your website which can win their trust.
  • You must include the client testimonials and work portfolio which adds to your brand value here.
  • Add contact information which will help your customers to reach out to you.
  • Provide your social media handle link so that they can connect with you.
  • However, do not cramp the page with too much information. Keep it simple and clear.

6) Content is the king

  • SEO driven, impactful and engaging content is still the key to your website’s success.
  • Blogs are the best tools to market the content that drives traffic. Blogs also enhance your value among customers as an industry influencer.
  • Your content should offer value to visitors and be relevant to the users all the time. Using content, which is old and outdated, can frustrate the readers. So, you must update it and keep it consistent throughout the site.
  • With time digital media has evolved into a platform where people are consuming content of different styles. It can be an infographic, videos, images, charts, and animation. All these genres of content must be explored to come to a strategy that suits your need the best. If your product specification is highly technical, a four-paragraph story may not engage people as much as an animated video can.
  • Keep the content informative and engaging. 
  • Do not forget to follow the SEO-best practices.
  • Finally, the mantra to success is to remember that the content that connects with people emotionally, engages traffic better.  

7) Professional web development & designs

Appealing web designs enhance the overall performance of the website. Similarly, the right coding will help you update websites with ease and increase their functional quality. Here are few points that you must remember while finalizing a design or developing a site.

  • A fast loading website that is responsive and user-friendly will also bring traffic and retain it. These days many businesses are opting for web applications to boost their profit. As such developers need to be competent to work with framework and languages that allow them to create a responsive website which is optimized for mobile and other devices.
  • At the same time, the architecture of the website must allow people to navigate from page-to-page with ease.
  • The appearance of your website is also a very important factor that boosts the traffic coming to your site. The layout should not be cluttered. Color and theme should reflect your brand. Design elements should be appealing and lack distractions.
  • Original images of a high quality enhance the value of the site in comparison to stock images. 


Creating an impactful website takes months of hard work. We have discussed seven important tips that are unavoidable if you need your website to convert a high rate of traffic. Some other tips like strong online support to customers, product review, themes, exploring social networking platforms and sales funnel are also essential tools for an impactful website. We will be covering more on this topic on our upcoming blogs, so do not forget to bookmark this page for more information on web development and designing. 

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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