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While most of the Web is focused on what Apple’s next iPhones may look like, a new leak depicts what could be the clearest image yet of Apple’s iPad 5. Sonny Dickson, the renowned leakster that has been posting images of Apple’s unreleased products, has posted a new pair of images claiming to be the iPad 5 and new iPad Mini.

The new images show the rear shell and front of Apple’s alleged iPad 5, which are consistent with previous leaks from Dickson. A video showing the alleged iPad 5’s internal components that surfaced last week suggested that the new slate will be two-thirds of an inch thinner than previous models. The newly leaked photos show a slim design with thinner side bezels that are reminiscent of the iPad Mini, allowing for more screen space on the slate without actually increasing its size.

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The new set of iPad Mini images also resembles a previously leaked video from Dickson, which compared the alleged iPad Mini 2 alongside the iPad 5. The fresh leak only shows the rear shell of what may be the second iPad Mini, which looks identical to the currently available iPad Mini.

There’s no telling whether or not these parts are authentic, but Dickson claims to have multiple sources in China that buy Apple prototype parts directly from factory-line workers. These sources then send him photos and videos of the parts, Dickson said to The Financial Post last week.

Since Dickson says that these images and videos depict prototype parts, there’s a chance that these models could change significantly before making it to the market. We’re not expecting to see new iPads just yet, but there’s always a chance that Apple could surprise us with “one more thing” at its press event in San Francisco tomorrow.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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