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If you’re making the jump to the iPhone 5s today, there’s no shortage of ways to get rid of your old Apple handset. Apple, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy will all take your old iPhone in exchange for cash, but Amazon seems particularly eager to stock up on used devices, offering up to $441 for pre-owned iPhones. 

From now through Oct. 31, Amazon users can trade in their iPhones for gift cards or sell them to other Amazon customers for cash. Shoppers have until the end of the promotion to send their device to Amazon, so you can hold on to your iPhone 4s or 5 until the moment you hold your new device.

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According to Amazon, the AT&T iPhone 4 16GB is the most traded-in phone on the site and currently can be exchanged for a gift card up to $160. Under the same carrier, the iPhone 4s 32GB goes for up to $248 and the iPhone 5 32GB for up to $397. The big prize, however, is the iPhone 5 64GB, which is reaping a whopping $441 Amazon gift card. 

For Verizon users, the 32GB iPhone 4 sells for up to $130, while the 32GB iPhone 5 goes for $365. Sprint customers can sell their 16GB iPhone 4s for $187, while the 16GB iPhone 5 will net you up to $234.50 in gift card value. 

Wondering what retailer offers you the best value for your now-outdated iPhone? We’ve compiled a handy chart right here, so start planning your trade-in while you eagerly await your iPhone 5s. 

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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