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Last week Best Buy cut the iPhone 5c’s price in half to just $50, and now the electronics retailer is practically giving the phones away. According to an internally leaked Best Buy document, an upcoming promotion lets you trade in select smartphones for a minimum of $100 in credit toward a new iPhone.

The leak comes courtesy of TechnoBuffalo, which claims to have obtained a screenshot of the document from a trusted source. The promotion will run from Oct. 13 through Oct. 19 and allows you to trade-in smartphones that are in working condition as long as the screen is intact and there’s no water damage.

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The gift card must be used to purchase an iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s on a two-year contract. Since Best Buy is currently offering the 16GB iPhone 5c for $99.99, this means you can walk out of the store with a new iPhone without having to drop a dime. Additionally, you can snag a 16GB iPhone 5s for just $100 on a two-year contract.

The deal appears to be another effort by third-party retailers to one-up the competition when it comes to iPhone sales. Last week Best Buy ran a promotion that lasted through Oct. 7 that offered a $50 discount on the iPhone 5c. During the same time period, Walmart announced that it would “shortly” sell the iPhone 5c for $45–beating Best Buy by just $5.

It makes sense that the iPhone 5c would come cheap– it’s essentially last year’s iPhone 5 in new packaging. The 5c comes with nearly the same internals as the iPhone 5 and has taken the iPhone 5’s spot on Apple’s website. The primary difference is that Apple switches out the 5’s aluminum back for a plastic, glossy colored rear shell. The 5s, by comparison, is Apple’s true flagship that comes with an improved A7 64-bit processor, a fingerprint scanner built into the home button, and an enhanced camera among other changes.


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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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