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Citrix-XenServer 1Why I decided to go With Citrix XENSERVER

This will be page 1 for setting up the Ultimate Network on a tight budget.

When choosing the correct virtualization platform there are a few good questions you would need to ask yourself

  1. Your Price Budget..  Most  times your options will greatly depend on this,
  2. Your OS and applications you will be using
  3. The Type of Hardware you are using ( most most cases  64bit is needed,  and its always better to have V-Chip as well and is required for Xenserver to install windows machines.  Don’t worry most all new servers have this.


The Reason I Decided to go with XENSERVER  is simply because it is the most stable Open Source fully functional Virtual Server around.  It is free allowing you to invest your money in other things like calling me for support and letting me take you to the next level lol.  Other than it being free it also offers load balancing and clustering support to minimize downtime and its performance is matched with the best.  Not to mention its snapshots can recover your server in 2 seconds …  Yes i know nice right..

Choosing you hardware:

Most of your hardware will depend your needs

I use HP G5 Servers which are pretty cheap and stable  but Dell 2950 + works as well

  1. Now for 1 Stand-Alone  Server   you should Max out memory Preferably 24-32 GB / and a quad-core should be fine and maybe 3 1 TB drives for a Raid 5 or more
  2. If you will require Fault Tolerance  you you should start with at least 3 servers and only 1( storage server will need to have all your data)
    1. 2 Servers will be XenServer  MAX MEMORY and Quad core CPU  With this option you will only need 2 smallest drives in mirror mode  make sure there all the same size
    2. The third server will be our storage SAN Server (I use Open-filer which will be discussed in a different Article)  But duo processor, 4GB Memory, and the more hard drives the better..   my set-up 6  1TB Drives and 2 SSD (for databases and applications that need speed)


So OK  lets download it now.  Xen Server

May need to create an account..  then download the latest version (Source ISO 1 (Xen/Dom0 Kernel))

Burn the ISO  to a CD

( I will make screen shots of the installation on my next server build but it should be pretty simple)

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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