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Cyford Technologies LLC and Cyford Communications births a new company BMP (Beat My Price (DOT) US) who’s sole objective is to be the leading provider for calling cards and electronics specifically designed for Secure Facilities such as Prisons, Jails, asylum, etc. 

Our Service Include:

  1. Affordable Phone Services
  2. Voice Mail
  3. Text Messaging
  4. Email system
  5. Fax Services
  6. Personal Phone Number

We take upon ourselves to wipe all the competition clean on calling cards by offering the absolute lowest rates on all US Calling. Besides the cheapest cost, we also do NOT include hidden costs and charges that other calling card companies add such as Connection fees, Disconnection fees, 3+ min Rounding blocks, 1-time fees, or any other fees. We are a CLEAN Per- Min calling card solution who have built our system from the ground to allow people incarcerated and in secure mental hospitals the ability to make dirt-cheap calls without calling collect and also allow them to be able to send and receive voicemails, text messaging, emails, and faxes. Though they are distanced by the situation they should still be able to communicate with their family and loved ones without the crazy hassles.

The Hospital we currently Service is Coalinga Mental Hospital

Next Targets at the moment Include:

  1. (DSH) – Atascadero, CA
  2. (DSH) – Napa, CA
  3. (DSH) – Stockton,, CA
  4. (DSH) – Patton, CA
  5. (DSH) – Vacaville, CA
  6. (DSH) – Metropolitan, CA
  7. (DSH) – Salinas Valley, CA

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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