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Error “Access to this resource is restricted” in  Joomla with  JCE.

I have been trying to figure this issue out for years without any luck or documentation online. So I decided to post this for everyone who banged their head on this issue as I did once.
I have found this issue to be related to AceSEF in my case, but if you are using a third party SEF engine it may be your case as well. I noticed when I disabled it started working but I didn’t want it disabled so I went into the actual SEF URLs, and deleted all that was showing so I can find the relevant ones.
Upon refreshing and testing again it worked. Then I went into the SEF URLs and locked it in the AceSEF Control Panel. After that in AceSEF Extensions, I disabled com_jce. Google never reaches com_jce anyway. I have notified the authors of the AceSEF so maybe there will be a permanent fix soon. But it will probably only be for the people with active subscriptions.

I hope this helps.

Allen ford

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

Categories: Web Development

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