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The HTC One may be the only Android handset that can rival the iPhone in terms of build quality, and now a new color option could directly compete with Apple’s new iPhone 5s. Leaked images of a golden HTC One have hit the Web, hinting that the company could be the next smartphone vendor to launch a gold flagship device.

The leak comes courtesy of China’s Sina Weibo social network and was posted by the same user that tipped HTC’s recently announced blue One. The handset in the alleged leak appears to be a prototype of the final build and shows the gold aluminum casing without a display. If the photo proves accurate, this means that the HTC One will be available in gold, silver, black and blue. The image depicts a champagne-colored gold shade that resembles the gold iPhone 5s rather than the 24-karat gold-embellished HTC One that already exists.

Although the purported leak does come suspiciously after the unveiling of Apple’s gold iPhone 5s, the image has a timestamp of August 12. This suggests that HTC may have had this idea in the works well before Apple’s iPhone 5s hit the market. Until HTC makes an announcement, there’s no telling whether or not we’ll see a golden HTC One. Still, the leak does appear to seem authentic. The prototypes feature letter markups are consistent with what the One’s designer Justin Huang told Engadget about how HTC labels its matching smartphone components.


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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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