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Google hasn’t announced when Glass will officially launch, but its already rolling out an accessory store catered to the wearable device. Some Glass Explorers have reported seeing a new store pop up that sells additional chargers, microfiber pouches and clear protective shields among other peripherals.

Explorer Nick Starr posted screenshots of offerings in the Google Glass accessory store to his Google+ page, and by the looks of it these add-ons won’t come cheap. The Extra Mono Earbud sells for $50, while the Clear Shield accessory for the new upgraded edition of Glass costs $75. Both the cable and charger bundle and the microfiber pouch sell for $50 each.

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The accessory store is only accessible to those who already own Glass, but the search engine giant is clearly ramping up its retail efforts. Earlier this week San Francisco patrons noticed a giant barge-like structure floating in the city’s Treasure Island area, which was later reported to be a “floating marketing center” for promoting Google Glass.

Google has also dropped  hints that Glass is on track for a commercial launch in some of its other properties. The next major Android update, Android 4.4 KitKat, is rumored to come with support for new sensors that could be used for wearable tech. Amir Efrati of the Jessica Lessin blog reports that Android 4.4 could come with a geomagnetic rotation detector, step detection and step counters — which would presumably be used in Glass and Google’s rumored smartwatch.

Back in August it was reported that Glass wouldn’t launch until 2014, but the company hasn’t confirmed any information about when the heads up display will hit the market.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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