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From pesky telemarketers to an ex who doesn’t know when to let go, we all have people we wish we could block from ever calling us again. Thankfully, with the iOS 7 update, iPhone users now have the ability to block specific numbers within the operating system. Here’s how you can easily block numbers on your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

1. Bring up the contact or number you want to block. If you don’t have it saved in your address book, go to your call logs to pull up the offending number and tap the “i” next to it.

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2. Hit Block This Caller at the bottom of the contact or number information page. You may have to scroll down to see it. 


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3. Tap Block Contact on the alert that pops up.


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Now you won’t receive any calls from the person you’ve blocked. Your phone won’t even blink (or register a call) if a blocked contact tries to get a hold of you. Unwanted callers will immediately be redirected to voicemail, but you won’t even get a message. Attempts to reach you will be rendered completely futile. To unblock them, simply repeat steps 1 and 2, then hit Unblock Contact or Unblock This Caller. 

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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