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Unless your introduction to Microsoft’s operating system was Windows 8, you’ve probably come to rely on the Start Menu. Macs use a similar feature called the Dock, which is usually located at the bottom of the desktop. Whereas the Start Menu provides links to every application you’ve installed on your machine, however, the Dock only contains shortcuts to your favorite programs. Moreover, the programs at the bottom can be swapped out whenever you want.

If you need to search through all of your applications, you can use the Finder. Just follow these steps to start searching:

1. Click on the Finder icon at the bottom left of the screen (the leftmost icon in Dock).

2. Click on Applications on the left side of the window, under Favorites.

3. Click on the application you want to open.

4. Use the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-A to open the applications menu, as an alternative method. The search bar (indicated by the magnifying glass) at the top right of the window can also be used to search for specific applications.

5. Or open your applications via the Launchpad, which displays your installed applications (both those that you’ve downloaded from the App Store and those you’ve installed manually) in a grid interface. Single-clicking on the application icon launches the program.

To open the Launchpad, pinch toward the center of the trackpad with your thumb located in either the bottom left or bottom right corner and three fingers located in the opposite corner above. To close, just move your fingers and thumb in the opposite direction.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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