5 Website Development Tips To Boost Your Business Growth Exponentially

 No two products can be the same. Similarly, solution to these products must be diverse. Like a product, the e-com solution also needs to be unique. It must cater to the exclusive demands related to the growth and management of the company. While hiring an e-commerce web development service it must be kept in mind that such services are customer-centric and can generate tailor-made solutions to satisfy your company’s needs.

In this article, we will try to explain in detail what you should look out for while hiring a web development service that can provide you the best e-commerce solution.

What to look while hiring web development service

Full-stack employees for individual departments: Knowing how empowered the service providers are is the first step. Your e-commerce website may have a different requirement. It may need software development or a simple gateway integration. It may be a major project with end-to-end solution needs including backend, front end, customer management, data management, and content management system demands. Hiring an agency that has the right set of IT professionals such as senior software engineers, project managers and Coding engineers with specialized knowledge in the individual department is very important. It is always a good idea to know the team beforehand and then making the hiring decision.

Attrition rate of the company: Most agencies hire professionals temporarily to cater to project-based requirements. As such it’s important to check what is the attrition rate in these companies so that key members who are involved in the strategic work of coding and designing do not leave the project hanging. It’s always prudish to check beforehand whether the company develops the project on a live server giving you the access to keep a note of changes made and work done so far. It is also a good idea to hire a company that has experienced in-house IT professionals to work on your project as it will reduce the cost per project. In the end, you’ll be benefitted from the reduced cost incurred on your project.

Quality Coding Engineers: Remember no matter what system is put in place, once the project is complete you would like to have full access to an optimized control panel through which you can add new features and update at your wish. Here coding is the key!

Codes are like DNA of the whole system: Bad coding will not allow you to scale or cross platforms in the future. Good coding will be reliable and dynamic so that you can incorporate changes even when you hire a new service agency for web development in the future.

Diversity is the key: Before you commit, learn how diversely equipped the project team is. How well versed they are with different programming languages and frameworks. Most service agencies are competent with core PHP. But what if your previous website was developed on a different platform and used code that the new agency is not competent enough to work upon?  One more reason why you should hire a web development company with diverse knowledge as every software development platform has a certain edge over others in several key areas. For example, Appery.io or The App builder are some of the best platforms for building a mobile application whereas Angular JS or ASP.NET is the most suitable platform for developing web applications. Your e-commerce site may have diverse needs. It may need a website as well as a mobile application. In such a scenario a web development agency that can fulfill all your needs in one place is better for a well-coordinated digital presence across devices.

Project roadmap: Most web development agencies will promise you increased sales, better ROI, and lead response rate! But do that have a specific plan or road map to achieve all this. Once you have had your initial discussion and shared your requirement ask for a time-bound plan for the project. A time-bound plan will help you get the complete project within a set timeline and it will also save you from incurring added expenses. A project timeline must include a solution to your key requirements which can be implemented within a set duration. Such as search engine compatibility with a store locator, placement of GDPR, blog modules, business listing, home page content, payment, and shipping method, etc.

Customer review: Finally, a very traditional approach to finding the best web development service for your e-commerce is to go through customer reviews. Read what your competitor’s customers are saying about their e-commerce site. Check the glitches that get mentioned in Google reviews. You’ll know whether the web development company is truly offering the kind of solution they promised, or they are a fraud. You may have very little idea about WordPress, HTML, or PHP, but you know your clients. You know what they are complaining about, is it the interface, the design, the bug, or the errors. A premium website with a smooth interface attracts more clients. As such go for those web development agencies who have already delivered successful projects and enjoy customer trust.


So, these are some of the key points which must be kept in mind while hiring a web development agency. To make sure your e-commerce business’s growth try and find an agency that can help you find scalable customized solutions. Hope this blog was helpful, do write to us if you have any further query.

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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