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If you thought your silly selfies, embarrassing videos or naughty photos were safe with Snapchat — think again. Since the quick-hit chat service launched earlier this year, there have been numerous apps that let you save Snapchats without the sender knowing. As it turns out, a few hackers and developers have learned that Snapchat doesn’t actually delete images after they’ve been seen; it simply hides them so that apps can’t access them. The Snapchat app always alerts the sender if the receiver screenshots their message, but that scenario can easily be avoided with an app. There are a few apps and methods of saving Snapchat photos, but we found this one to be the easiest and most effective. Here’s how to get started on any Android device.

1. Download the SnapCapture app from the Google Play store.


 2. Enter your Snapchat username and password the first time you open the app.


 3. Open SnapCapture the next time you receive a SnapChat message. DO NOT open the message in SnapChat first. SnapCapture only saves unopened messages.




4. Tap the Download button in the upper right corner of the app. This will download any unopened SnapChat messages and display them in the app.



5. Check your Android phone’s Gallery app. There should now be a folder in there called SnapCapture.


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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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