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Import iTunes

Most of us use our phones to listen to our library of music on the go. With the iPhone, your music library is synced to your iTunes account. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to sync your iTunes account to your Android phone directly unless you want to move individual files and folders onto your new device. Google’s Music service lets you upload your library to the cloud so you can rock out on your new phone without taking up precious internal storage. This guide will show you how.

1. Plug your iPhone into your computer. To begin, you’ll need to sync your phone with your computer. Make sure you import all music that isn’t already in your iTunes library.

2. Navigate to play.google.com/music on your computer. Make sure you’re using the same computer your music is stored on, as you’ll be uploading this music to the Google Play Music Service.

Google Play Music

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3. Click “Upload Music.” This button will appear in the top right hand side of the screen.

Google Play Music

4. Click “Download Music Manager.” This will download the Music Manager app to your computer so you can upload your music to Google’s cloud.

Download Music Manager

5. Install Music Manager from your Downloads folder.

Install Music Manager

6. Launch the Music Manager app, and sign in with your Google account.

Launch Music Manager and Sign In

7. Click “Upload Songs to Google Play,” then click Continue. You’ll next be asked where your music library is stored on your computer. Music Manager will upload this folder to the cloud.


Upload to Google Play

8. Select the location of your Music Library, then click continue.

Select music collection

9. Select “Upload all songs and playlists.” Music Manager will scan your folder, and ask if you’re sure you want to upload the selected files. Here, you can tell music manager to upload all your music, or select individual songs and/or playlists from your music folder to upload only those files.

Choose what songs to upload


10. Click “Yes” when asked if you want to automatically upload all future iTunes purchases to Music Manager. This will let you continue to use iTunes to buy new music, and automatically have that music available on your Android phone.

Upload songs automatically

11. Sign in to Google Play Music on your Android phone. Your music library will be waiting for you.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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