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Slow, crowded public Wi-Fi networks not doing it for you? In certain instances, the extra data charges can be worth using your iPhone as a mobile hotspot. Your mobile device is capable of setting up its own wireless network that can only be used by you and whoever you give your password to. Say goodbye to sluggish Starbucks Wi-Fi with these easy steps — here’s how to get started on an iPhone.

1. Navigate to the Settings menu.


2. Select Cellular.


3. Tap Personal Hotspot to begin the setup process.


4. Press the switch next to Personal Hotspot.


5. Look for your iPhone’s name as an available Wi-Fi network.


5. Enter the password listed in the Wi-Fi Password field when prompted to do so. You can use Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi to connect your other device to your iPhone.


7. Don’t forget to turn the Personal Hotspot switch off when you’re finished using it to avoid extra data charges.



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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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