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Hewlett-Packard might be getting back in the smartphone game, and not on the platform you’d expect. According to a German rumor report, the California notebook veteran could be prepping its own Windows Phone to launch in the near future.

The rumor comes from an article on Mobile Geeks’ German site, which claims that HP is looking to further its already healthy relationship with Microsoft by releasing a Windows-powered smartphone before the end of 2013. While HP has experience building hardware around Android with its HP Slate tablet and Slatebook hybrid, the company has a full roster of Windows 8-powered products, from the Envy Touchsmart to the hybrid HP Split x2.  

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HP’s last run as a smartphone contender didn’t end well. The company purchased the Palm PDA brand and webOS platform in 2010, only to cease operations of its webOS phones and poorly-received TouchPad tablet just a year later. Given how problematic the webOS situation was, it is surprising HP would go with Windows Phone 8 over Google’s more popular Android platform. 

This isn’t the first time word has spread about future HP handsets, as The Indian Express said that the brand was actively working on a new phone back in July. Still, with no official announcement from HP, we’re left to speculate from the sidelines. 

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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