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I have seen a lot of blogs on how to set up your Freepbx script. so I have decided to make a custom install script that should mostly automate the prosses for beginners or people having a difficult time. It fixies most errors people run into and soon will give an option on which versions and os detection. so far this script has been tested with xenserver vm’s and RackSpace vm’s which had centos 6.5 and lower.

I will soon have it where you get options to specialize your installation.

( Work In Progress )

{phocadownload view=file|id=8|target=s}

How to run the script

First Register

Second Download

wget https://www.cyfordtechnologies.com/category/2-asterisk?download=8%3Afreepbx-install-script -O Freepbx.sh

Third run

bash Freepbx.sh

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

Categories: Web Development

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