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ipad mini retina vs old ipad mini

Dubbed the “iPad mini with Retina Display,” Apple’s sequel to the iPad mini bumps up the 7.9-inch display’s resolution to a crisp 2048 x 1536, the same as the brand new iPad Air. Unfortunately, that increased sharpness comes at a much sharper price: $399 even as Apple cut the price on the original mini to $299. Is the new mini worth an extra $100 ? Here’s a full spec rundown to help you decide:

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iPad mini with Retina Display

iPad mini

Starting Price




64-bit A7 with M7 motion coprocessor

Dual-core A5


7.9 inches/ 2048 x 1536

7.9 inches


iOS 7

iOS 7

Battery Life

Up to 10 hours continuous web browsing

10:33 continuous web browsing





7.87 x 5.3 x 0.29 inches

7.87 x 5.3 x 0.28 inches


0.73 pounds

0.68 pounds




Front/Rear Camera

1.2-MP (720p HD)/5-MP

1.2-MP (720p HD)/5-MP




Aside from the beefier, 64-bit processor and sharper panel, the iPad mini with Retina display is essentially the same as its predecessor. The new mini even sports the exact same dimensions while weighing just .05 pounds more. What those crisper visuals and more powerful A7 chip will get you is access to high-end mobile games, like “Infinity Blade 3″ and “Call of Duty: Strike Team,” in the form they were meant to be played. And this is just the beginning for Apple’s entry into 64-bit tablet computing–surely developers will invent new ways to take advantage of the added performance in the months ahead.

If you’re looking for a more manageable form factor in which to play the latest mobile games or watch HD movies, then the iPad mini with Retina display is your ticket. But all you need is a lightweight slate to handle your iTunes music, play “Words with Friends” and update Facebook, you can save $100 and get last year’s iPad mini for $299. 

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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