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The Apple iPhone 5s isn’t available in blue, but it does apparently feature a blue screen of death. According to a number of threads on Apple’s support site and elsewhere, the handset has a bug where it displays a blue screen and then resets itself when users attempt to exit Apple’s own iWork applications and switch apps.

Although we’ve been unable to replicate the issue thus far (using iOS 7.0.1), this is how one iPhone 5s owner summarized his experience:

“How do I resolve the blue screen error while using iWork on my iPhone 5s? When I use Pages, for example, and press home button to switch app, my iPhone restarts after a blue screen. I even returned it & took a new one, but no luck. The bug is in iWork suite for iOS 7, I think, and not in the hardware. I’m a heavy Pages user and this bug is hindering my work (besides scaring me to death).”

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As The Verge reported, some are suggesting that turning off iCloud syncing for Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps fixes the problem. However, others in the forums say this fix doesn’t work. 

One iPhone 5s user posted a video of the blue screen bug on a MacRumor forum.Exiting the Numbers app to the multitasking menu and trying to open the ESPN ScoreCenter app triggered the crash. However, we were unable to replicate this bug either when following the same steps.

We have experienced some random resets of the iPhone 5s. The screen will flash and the Apple logo will appear on screen for a few seconds before things go back to normal.

Thus far, Apple has issued a couple of updates for iOS 7. iOS 7.0.1 contained “bug fixes and improvements,” while the 7.0.2 update fixed an issue that allowed users to bypass the passcode unlock on the Lock screen.

Assuming this bug is legit, Apple will probably issue another update soon, but the company has yet to comment.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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