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Samsung may have beaten LG to the punch, but the G2 maker appears to be right on track when it comes to launching its own curved display smartphone. Following weeks of rumors, press images of what is believed to be LG’s G Flex smartphone with a rounded display have leaked online. Although the display is turned off in the images, the pictured curved display is said to be the same 6-inch OLED panel that was revealed in a recent release from LG.

The G Flex is expected to debut in November shortly after Google’s Nexus 5, a person familiar with LG’s plans allegedly told The Verge. According to the photos discovered by Engadget, the G Flex differs from Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Round in that it curves from top to bottom, while Samsung’s offering is rounded from left to right as pictured below.

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LG G Flex (left), Samsung Galaxy Round (right)

Companies such as Samsung and LG have been demoing their flexible display technology for quite some time, but Samsung’s Galaxy Round is the first commercially available smartphone with such technology. While the Galaxy Round is certainly the first device of it’s kind, the benefits of a curved display smartphone aren’t immediately clear.

The idea appears to be that the rounded screen would make it easier to fit the device to your face while talking on the phone. Another theory is that such a phone would fit in your pocket more naturally since the rounded shape could essentially hug your leg. Curved displays are also less likely to shatter since they’re made of plastic rather than glass, but we’re skeptical that any of these potential benefits could make the Galaxy Round or alleged G Flex a hot seller.


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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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