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The Moto X is an unsung hero among superphones. It doesn’t have a monster-size phablet screen or the ability to pause video when you look away, but it makes up for its lack of flash with sheer utility and convenience. The touchless voice controls alone blew me away during my Moto X review, as well as the smartwatch-like notifications on the screen when you’re not actively using the device. Being able to customize your own design is pretty neat, too.

So why did Google’s smartphone unit just post a $248 million loss in the third quarter and Motorola’s revenue plummet 33 percent from a year ago? For one, the Moto X hasn’t been on sale for a full quarter yet, but there are some other key reasons shoppers aren’t opting for the X. Here’s what Motorola is up against — other than the obvious Apple and Samsung duopoly.



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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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