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You know when your friend asks to use your phone to log into their Facebook or Gmail account because theirs is out of juice? Now you can lend them your Android device to use without having to sign out of accounts or clear your browsing history first. Mozilla announced today a new feature called Guest Browsing in its Firefox browser for Android devices that will let you launch a private browsing session for your friends.

Previewed in beta earlier this year, Guest Browsing keeps your open tabs and browsing history stay safe from prying eyes, while your friends can sign into all their portals freely and remove all traces of their activity by ending the session. Once they’ve closed Guest Browsing, your previous session is restored, similar to Chrome’s Incognito window.

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With the update, Firefox for Android users just have to tap Tools on the browser’s Menu button and select New Guest Session before handing their device over. Of course, if your friends really want to, they just have to go to Menu and hit Exit Guest Session to access your browser under it, so be sure you’re handing your phone over to someone trustworthy. While the mobile browser is no Chrome-killer, the ability to install add-ons and the new Guest Browsing feature could make Firefox a worthy download for your Android device.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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