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Chromebooks aren’t a major part of the PC ecosystem just yet, but Intel seems to be taking an interest in Google’s Internet-reliant line of notebooks. New Chromebooks running on Intel’s latest Haswell processors are expected to be revealed at the chipmaker’s annual conference this week, sources familiar with the matter reportedly told PC World.

Chromebooks are thin and portable laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS, which relies heavily on the Internet to run apps and perform tasks. Newer versions of the operating system can carry out certain functions offline, but most of the software’s functionality is dependent on Web connectivity. Some new Chromebook models will allegedly use Haswell chips to boost application performance throughout the OS, although this hasn’t been confirmed just yet.

These Haswell-powered Chromebooks are expected to be announced on Wednesday morning at an IDF keynote by Doug Fisher, Intel’s general manager of software and services. According to PC World, a Google executive will join Fischer on stage to talk about how Google and Intel are working together optimize Android and Chrome software for Intel chips.

Chromebooks can come as cheap as $199 for a basic configuration or as pricey as the $1,299 Chromebook Pixel. The addition of Haswell chips could give Chromebooks the processing power necessary to perform tasks that are more demanding than running cloud-based applications. Some new Chromebooks may also use Intel’s new  low-power Core i3 chips, although this hasn’t been confirmed. We’re also expecting Intel to make some announcements regarding new hardware running on its Bay Trail Atom processors at IDF. 

via PC World

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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