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Nike is upping its game with the FuelBand SE, the newest version of its fitness wristband. Available for $149 (you can pre-order the FuelBand SE now, it will go on sale on Nov. 6), the FuelBand SE now comes in four colors, and offers some additional tracking tools. 

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Like the original FuelBand, the outside of the FuelBand SE remains largely black, but the inside, plus one little stripe, will be available in one of four accent colors: Volt (a lime green), Pink Foil, Total Crimson and Black. It’s a stylish band, but as we noted in our original review of the Nike+ FuelBand, its uniform thickness makes it uncomfortable to wear while typing. However, its LED display is bright and easy to read.

While the hardware remains mostly the same, Nike is also updating its app, which will now track not only how much, but how often and how intensely you move. Additionally, it will provide greater feedback, such as hourly reminders, to help keep you moving throughout the day. Unfortunately, Nike has yet to release an Android app.

Using its NikeFuel points, the company’s own metric for gauging how much you move during the day, the FuelBand SE will also keep track of how intensely you move during workouts, so you can better determine what activities earn you the most points. 

The field for wristband-style fitness tracking devices is getting more and more crowded. Just last week, Fitbit launched the Fitbit Force, which has an OLED display and an altimeter for $129 and interacts with a number of other fitness apps, such as RunKeeper. Adding just a splash of color might not be enough for the FuelBand to compete, but the Nike+ Moves app, which takes advantage of the M7 chip in the new iPhone 5s, could help push it further down the track.

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is available for pre-order for $149.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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