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SmashingConf Oxford 2014: It’s All About Practical Takeaways
SmashingConf Oxford 2014: It’s All About Practical Takeaways SmashingConf Oxford 2014: It’s All About Practical Takeaways 

We love organizing community events that leave everyone with memorable, long-lasting impressions. With our upcoming Smashing Conference Oxford, we’ll explore real-life projects, workflows and hands-on insights that we can all learn from and use right away. Same game, same rules: 1 track, 2 conference days, 5 workshops, 18 excellent speakers and just 350 seats. The tickets are now on sale.

Beautiful SmashingConf sketchnotes by Elisabeth Irgens. She’ll be joining us in Oxford as well. Image credits.

Because discussions about design trends and visual style are often very subjective, they rarely provide actionable, valuable takeaways. Nothing beats a conversation about what worked and what didn’t in actual real-life projects, and what decisions were made (or ideas discarded) along the way.

Learning & Networking, The Smashing Way

That’s exactly what we’re setting off to explore: insights into how we, designers and developers, solve real-life problems and what workflows we use to solve them intelligently. Specifically, we’ll look at mid- and large-scale projects, as well as techniques, tools and the lessons learned along the way.

Beautiful SmashingConf sketchnotes by Elisabeth Irgens.
Be among the first ones to grab a seat!

Of course, a good conference is not just about practical takeaways; it’s also about as much networking as possible. So we’re preparing a series of special events before, during and after the conference to make sure that you have enough time for beers and… well, conversations during beers.

Same game, same rules: 1 track, 2 conference days, 5 workshops, 18 excellent speakers and just 350 available seats. The main conference days are Tuesday and Wednesday, 18–19 March, 2014. However, it might be a good idea to arrive during the weekend before because networking activities will start on Sunday.

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Great Speakers, Great Workshops

We thoroughly curate every single talk and work alongside our speakers to make sure that each talk fits nicely within the overall theme of the conference. For the Oxford conference, we’re very happy to welcome Ben Bodien, Josh Clark, Andrew Clarke, Joe Leech, Wilson Page, Lea Verou, and — of course — the Mystery Speaker among the first confirmed speakers. You can find more information on the Speakers page.

Smashing Conference Oxford 2014
To keep our tradition of holding conferences at unique places, we did not choose lovely Oxford randomly. The venue for the SmashingConf Oxford 2014 is the amazing Oxford Town Hall. Large view.

We’ve prepared five full-day practical workshops that will take place before and after the two main conference days. On Monday 17 March, Ben Bodien, Josh Clark, Joe Leech and Lea Verou will provide hands-on classes on front-end, UX and designing for mobile and touch. On Thursday, we’re delighted to have Andrew Clarke leading his responsive Web design class.

It can’t really get more practical than this, can it? Well, it can! We want to make your learning experience as valuable as possible, so if you purchase a Conference Ticket + Workshop ticket, you save 10% off the regular price (almost €70)! Student discounts (25% off) are available on request as well.

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Location And Prices

We didn’t choose Oxford randomly. It’s perhaps the quintessential English city: a gorgeous maze of winding streets, ancient college buildings, eccentric traditions and some very fine hostelries. Every inch of the city centre is packed with history, and no route you choose will disappoint. Made famous by its world-class university, Oxford is just wonderful for exploration and inspiration. And open areas by the flowing Isis river, ponies grazing and some of the best sunsets out there are within walking distance! Don’t you deserve a vacation?

Smashing Conference Oxford 2014oxfrod-cupolaoxford-studyoxford-park
Oxford, lovely Oxford. This is what’s expecting you in Oxford during your stay for the Smashing Conference 2014. Image credits: simononly, Jeff Xia, mariosp, kk

We will also set up an open-stage session a day before the conference, so you can publicly speak about your own experiences and discuss what worked and hasn’t worked for you. We’ll also put a list of all attendees on the website, so you’ll know beforehand who is coming and perhaps even organize a trip to Oxford together?

Keep an eye open for these bright SmashingConf flags — they’ll be in Oxford before you know it! Image credits.

Taking notes already? No worries! We’ll send you a detailed guide with all the tips and ideas and recommendations and suggestions for pubs, restaurants, sightseeing and getting around the city. We’ve prepared an overview of hotels in Oxford, too — sometimes “Smashing Conference” are the magic words when booking! The city is known for many student and AirBnB apartments as well, but please be quick — there aren’t that many available options.

The price per ticket is €369 / $498 (incl. UK VAT 20% and all booking fees). Be sure to consider booking a full-day workshop as well (€349 / $449) — if you buy both a conference ticket and a workshop, you save 10% off the price right away. Three days of learning, sharing, networking — it’s getting better and better! The conference venue has only 350 seats. And yes, the tickets are on sale now.

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Sponsors, Dear Sponsors

We pour our heart and soul into creating a friendly, memorable and inspiring community event for everybody involved. Our goal is a valuable community event with practical talks, neatly packed with lots of learning, sharing and networking opportunities.

We keep ticket prices affordable for everyone, and we’re happy to welcome sponsors to help us make the conference smashing in every possible way. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, please drop me an email at vitaly@smashingconf.com.

A little sneak peek of the last Smashing Conference in Freiburg.
Can you spot the Mystery Speaker?

  • “Smashing Conference 2013: it was smashing all right and not only because the Smashing Band performed a song “Like a rounded corner” by Bruce Lawson, but the lineup and the presentations were truly smashing.” — Emanuel Blagonic
  • “Totally Smashing. The conference gave us so many insights and tips about the industry that we could not miss this year’s edition!” — frontkom
  • “This conference was well worth the money and I hope we will make it next year. Well done Smashing Magazine!” — 14islands
  • “The two days of talks offered a very good balance of design-, philosophy-, typography-, and development-based topics. […] Thanks to all who attended, organized, cared, spoke and made this an overall very great event!” — Welearned.net
  • “It was an immensely successful conference […] The talks, the beer and the interesting people definitely made me want to go visit Freiburg again next year!” — The Next Web

We love our sponsors: you make the event possible, and we’d be honoured to have you involved! Intrigued? Check the SmashingConf coverage on Lanyrd, you won’t be disappointed.


Follow us at @smashingconf and get more details on the SmashingConf 2014 website. Also, more speakers will be announced soon, and since it’s a Smashing conference, you should expect a few surprises, but we’re not going to reveal them just yet. If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] — we’d love to assist you in every possible way and would be humbled and happy to welcome you to Oxford in March!

Ah, and make sure to bring an umbrella with you, of course. But that goes without saying, doesn’t it? Cheers!

Get your ticket!

© Vitaly Friedman for Smashing Magazine, 2013.


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