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The cut-rate pricing wars for Apple’s new iPhone 5c continue. Target has slashed the price to $79.99, matching the offer from Walmart. Both stores will now sell the phone for about $20 cheaper than the Apple store.

The iPhone 5c will become available tomorrow along with the iPhone 5s, but iPhone 5c preorders have been available since Sept.13. Target is also throwing in an extra 5 percent discount for those with a REDcard. However, Target doesn’t appear to be matching Walmart’s pricing for the 5s; Target sells the 16GB iPhone 5s for $189.99, while Target has priced the new Apple flagship at $199.99.

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Target and Walmart are just two of the many brands offering discounts or trade-in deals in anticipation of Apple’s new smartphones. Ahead of Apple’s announcement, trade-in service Gazelle announced that it would purchase your iPhone immediately and allow you to hold off on shipping your used device until October. Presumably, this would give users time to get their new phones before ditching their current iPhone.

Apple unveiled its pair of new iPhones earlier this month at a press event in Cupertino, Calif. The iPhone 5c comes with the same internals as the iPhone 5, but switches the aluminum-brush back panel for a plastic shell available in multiple colors. The iPhone 5s, comparatively, comes with an upgraded A7 64-bit processor, a fingerprint scanner built into the home button, and an improved camera.

Analysts predict that Apple may sell between 6 and 8 million new iPhones during their first weekend on the market. Meanwhile, iOS 7 adoption is already as high as 35 percent in its first day of availability.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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