5 Website Development Tips To Boost Your Business Growth Exponentially

While it cannot be denied that a good web development company or team plays a crucial role in getting an engaging website up and running, we must not forget that web development is a two-way process. The website will be your brainchild, it will have your brand personality and its goal will be to satisfy your business need. Understanding this, we have curated many blogs that dealt deep into the concept of web development. Our motto is to offer you all the technical details needed to approach or hire a good web development team.

In our experience of more than 20 years at Cyford, we have found many customers who come to us with completely “no-knowledge” of website development. As a trusted brand, we always prioritize the customers’ benefit. However, we can never press it enough that customers must acquire the basic knowledge of what web development is and what involvement the web page owner will need to have in the complete process.  In this blog, we will discuss in detail the information that an entrepreneur must have before hiring a website development company.

What answers a reputed web development company will request from you?

There are many ways to search for a reputed web development company. You can check their reviews, their work profile, and the team. But how will you judge their integrity? How will you know that they will be dependable enough and will listen to you? This is where the initial conversations can help you gauge deep into their professional ethics.

A company that seeks to take your work seriously will not only offer you a satisfactory response to all your queries, but they will also be deeply interested in your project. So, do listen to their queries and doubts patiently. The more they learn about your expectations, goals, and motivation the better solution they will be able to offer. Remember, as I said, web development is a two-way process. Some key question that a web development company and the team might ask you are:

  • Details related to the work or service you need.
  • Whether your content for the website is ready?
  • Whether you have bought a domain?
  • In which platform you wish to host your website: WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSSS
  • Are you looking for minor support/fixing/editing or you need to develop a complete website?

Things both the parties should agree upon

Once the initial conversations allow you to understand the team ethics better, it’s time to fix the grounds that should not alter with time, come what may. Let’s check the key points that should have you and the web developing team on the same page.

1) Budget: It is always better to allocate a final sum to the web development project instead of being clueless in the time of contingency. If your development project has multiple needs and may take over three months, be ready to finance any invention that may pop-up within this period and suits your need or enhances your websites’ conversion capabilities. Getting a clear quote that does not escalate more than 25% in the future is the most acceptable price laid by a web development company.

2) Project due date: Never jump into commitment without knowing the exact date of completion. An experienced team is always capable of letting you know how much time a project may take or what technical pitstops the project may face in the journey.

3) Complete stack of your requirement: Before you finalize a website development company you need to draft your requirements. Will you need API integration, payment gateway integration, Will you need a dynamic webpage, or you’ll need a CRM software. Will, you integrate AI or VI? Will you have the requirement for the web application or mobile application? To finalize your budget, you will need to have an idea about your business demand and what objective the website will fulfill.

4) Goal of the website: If you look closely, three key questions remain interconnected to each other. The goal of the website, your requirements, and the budget. You must decide what goals your website needs to achieve, before approaching a web development company. Based on the goal you will plan your roadmap and website structure and integrations. It will also allow you to decide upon the scope of work and professionals that need to get involved in the project.

What information web development company may seek?

Once there is an agreement on the important points, a web development company may need some important details about the project from you. These details include

  • Access to the videos and images that will be used in the project
  • Content if available
  • Brand related details of the product or services
  • Website address
  • Admin details
  • FTP or Cpanel details
  • Database details (on events where Cpanel is provided the team can get database details from there.

Don’t worry even if you do not have any of the above information or details. A reputed web development company can easily help you out with these requirements. But if you are reading this article you can go ahead and do a little research to learn more about these points. You can also read more about all these points here.


Web development is not altogether a technical or mechanical process. It is also an emotional and creative endeavor that requires heart and sincere effort. The best websites encompass the brand benefits and mirror brand values. A website that is informative and engaging can only be developed when it has complete involvement of the owner and the developers both.

If you wish to create a website that reflects your brand value and helps you reach the niche market you can get in touch with the Cyford team or call us!

Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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