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Is all that glitters really gold? Hot on the heels of Apple’s overwhelming success with the gold iPhone 5s, Samsung has announced that two new gold-colored variants of flagship Galaxy S4 line will be available. Posted on Samsung’s Gulf social media feeds, the Galaxy S4 will now be available in Gold Brown or Gold Pink, proving that Samsung still reigns when it comes to offering limitless versions of its products.

Samsung’s not the first Apple competitor to take a cue from Apple in making a glitzy gold version of its flagship phone. We’ve already seen leaked images of a gold-hued HTC One just a day after Apple’s announcement event earlier this month. Samsung’s gold Galaxy S4, however, is the first confirmed offering of a gold-colored Android smartphone that directly rivals the champagne iPhone 5s. From the pictures, it appears that the phones will sport a different-colored face (brown or pink) with a gold-colored back.

We really like the look of the Gold Pink S4, but unfortunately it seems the shiny new phones will only be available in the Middle East for now. Just like other versions of the S4, these models sport a bigger 5-inch screen, compared to the iPhone 5s’ smaller 4-inch display. Who do you think wears gold best? Let us know in the comments.

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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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