5 Website Development Tips To Boost Your Business Growth Exponentially

IFA 2013 turned this into quite the busy, what with the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch amid a myriad of other gadgets. At any rate, we still managed to test a number of brand new products, namely Motorola’s Droid Mini. We also took the Samsung ATIV S Neo on Spring for a spin. In the tablet department, we got our hands on devices designed for those both young (Oregon Scientific MEEP) and old (Claris Companion). And while the Kobo Aura isn’t quite a tablet, it still was subject to our scrutiny as an alternative to the Kindle. Finally, we ended up rather impressed by Lenovo latest ultrabook, the IdeaPad U430 Touch, but not so much by the Genius Cam Mouse. Bonus: We managed it all while wearing the Nautilus Bowflex Boost.


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Published on: Mar 03, 2021

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